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Default MIL - aiiiiiiii

its hard dealing with MIL
I also don't know what to do...
My MIL is obsessed with my weight and it hurts me so much everytime she has a remark. I really go out of my way to be extra nice to my parents in Law
I had lots of problems when i was married before so I told myself this time would be different. My ex's mother used to be rude and I would just sit there and smile but it seems I have had my limit of that
My hubby is visiting them at the moment but I just dont want to see her.
After trying to get pregnant for a year I fell pregnant and the first thing she said is... Please dont pick up more weight
She used to phone once a week to hear if "it" is still there
I miscarried at 9 weeks
I decided to stop TTC to get over the pain of losing another baby so after a year I told her on Sunday that we are thinking of starting again
She said that I was to overweight to consider having a baby and that I shoud loose weight first.
If i was really badly overweight it might not have been so bad but I dont think I look that bad. I am not petite I am tall and come from a big family for heavens sake I wear a size 9 shoe and Im 5'9. I wear a size 12/14 My hubby is happy and Im fine ( would mind loosing a few pounds but have PCOS so its hard) Why cant she just leave me alone??
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