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Old 10th October 2016, 06:10 PM
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Default What now?

So I received heart breaking news this morning. My 2nd IVF attempt results are negative... after my 4th blood test.

I sit tonight asking myself what now...

After trying naturally for 2 years, hubby and I decided enough is enough and saw a fertility specialist (FS) earlier this year. Both our checks looked good, no concerns. We started our fertility journey with insemination. 3 rounds later nothing but heartache. We moved on to IVF. Our embriologist said our results were amazing... it was the 2nd time in her career she had seen such amazing results. We were so excited! Only to discover a negative on our 2nd blood test. We were devastated. But picked ourselves up and went straight into a 2nd round of IVF.

The last week has been hell. We got a great 154 HCG count on our 1st test. 2nd test 260. They weren't happy as it needs to double so sent me for a 3rd test 2 days later. During this time I started with major cramping and spotting. 3rd test results increased to only to 265. So the doctors office asked me to go for a 4th test... that same day I started my period. I had no idea what to think, what to do other than wait... which drove us both mad!!! This morning I had news my count dropped drastically - which means I'm not pregnant.

I just don't get it. I truly believe there must be SOMETHING wrong. Something they missing? I don't know what to do. Do I get a 2nd option. Do I try another round of IVF which I am so scared of... feels like I keep setting myself up for heartache. How can this be when all our results and our health are so good?

Any suggestions or thoughts welcome?

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Old 11th October 2016, 03:27 PM
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Dear CMac
I am so so sorry for you M/C. It is so devastating - I can relate. And there are now easy answers and unfortunately no miracle-cures. Who is your doctor? Obviously you can go for a 2nd opinion, but why do you not first discuss the issues with your current FS and hear what he recommends and what he may be thinking could be the reason for your M/C es.

I suffered 4 M/C in the last year and we are currently trying again (only on Femara though - try to see if we can do it without going for IVF again).

Do you have endo??
(That was the reason for my first 3 miscarraiges- one at 8 weeks, and 2x at 5 weeks). The hCG levels also just started dropping with the last 2. Our 4th was a MC at 10 weeks - completely shocked us as we did not expect it at all).
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Old 12th October 2016, 07:06 AM
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Thanks for the reply Jooste!

Im with Dr Trouw at Pretoria East. Yeah I guess that I should do that - I have found thought that after every failed attempt I ask the question "why - should I be worried" and he says no, we just need to keep trying an bear in mind that this is part of the process, it just is unfortunately never a guarantee. Which I get and understand and we knew that going into the process.

However what I am battling to accept is that there is NOTHING wrong, even if it isn't anything major, something that can be fixed easily, surely there has to be something. All our checks, Hubby's and mine show great results. So in my mind it just doesn't make sense. Nope no endo?

I booked an appointment with Dr Lindeque ay Gynomed, thought of seeing him just to see what he says, maybe ease my mind.

But perhaps you are right. Maybe worth just going in and chatting to Dr Trouw. What has been upsetting for me is that after all of this, and me bleeding for almost 5 days, they haven't actually told me to come in and do a post examination / discussion or anything!?

Sorry about your battles - is the Endo the reason you keep MCing?
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